Orphanage in Uganda

God Will Have His Way!

A master electrician in Uganda, James is pouring into his ministry to protect and provide for orphaned, abandoned, underprivileged, and HIV positive children.

The challenges facing Ugandans right now are immense. The government is a multi-party presidential republic, but they still carry a long history of military dictatorship. Military barracks dot the country from which local warlords have acted as the coercive arm of the government for decades. Though there is freedom of faith, there is no support or resources to help minister to their vulnerable population.

HIV and other deadly diseases are widespread, leaving many orphans. Children are often abandoned and forced to fend for themselves on the streets, vulnerable to starvation, illness, and predators.

Uganda Orphans

James is dedicating his whole life to serve God Almighty by maintaining an orphanage called Saved by God’s Grace. With a solid Christian structure, their mission is to help orphaned and abandoned children grow into solid citizens of the world. To support the children at God’s Grace, click HERE.


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Brother Waseem is a hard worker helping to improve the education of the children in his school. God bless you Waseem.

George, Winnipeg, MB