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Trusting God at the risk of personal safety, Christians in Nepal need our support!

Pastor Tommy works on the down-low traveling between several home churches to support and minister to his brave community. He and his wife Sara put their own freedom and safety at risk every day in order to reach Nepal with the Gospel message.

The country is among the world’s most impoverished, and Pastor Tommy’s people face many societal issues and evils surrounding these precious home sanctuaries. This slew of struggles includes corruption, inflation, heavy taxation, limited access to health care, and a deteriorating economic situation. Now a secular state, the Nepalese Constitution enshrines religious freedom, but a 2018 anti-conversion law means that Christians now face conviction and prison time if they are found evangelizing!

Help Pastor Tommy serve, bringing faith and incredible comfort to his community, by clicking the link HERE.


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I've been giving for several years to Pastor Kenny's church, specifically to the childrens' program he operates. I am so glad that I can do even a small part to make a child's life better.

Martha, Toronto, ON

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