Lighthouse of Hope Community Church
Pastor Duke
Sengera, Kissi, Kenya

Prayer is the only thing that changes things.

- Pastor Duke, Lighthouse of Hope Community Church in Sengera, Kenya.

Leading a church of prayer warriors, Pastor Duke is unstoppable in his community in Sengera, near Kisii Town, Kenya. With his wife Abigael at his side, he trains new leaders to plant more churches, oversees an orphanage, and believes that they will be blessed with the ability to build a school building soon.

Church Congregation

They started with nothing and now have a church and several orphanage buildings built on donations alone. Church members often spend time on a prayer mountain overlooking the valley, seeking God for the lost. These prayers have launched two new pastors into church plants, and Pastor Duke has faith that many more will follow as he mentors and teaches young leaders.

The orphanage is an incredible outreach but faces constant challenges in providing for the children. They currently house sixty-seven girls and boys of all ages and are believing in God for their education. They are founding a school alongside the orphanage and rely on our support to meet this desperate need.

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CANI is pleased to work with locals at Kisii (also known as Getembe or Bosongo). Kisii is a municipality and urban centre in south-western Kenya and the capital of the Kisii County.

People in this region require help.  The number of orphaned children is alarming.  Kisii Town serves as major urban and commercial centre in the Gusii Highlands—Kisii and Nyamira counties—while the Kisii municipality sits right at the centre of western Kenya.  People with the desire are supported by opening businesses and offering entrepreneurial assistance in addition to humanitarian aid.

A recent missions trip to Kenya (March 2023) we had the unique opportunity to see Pastor Duke and his various ministries. A special report on that missions trip is HERE.


Pastor DukePastor Duke Onduso

Pastor Duke Onduso and Abaegal have big dreams. They see a local church that is small and personal but would love to see churches in every small village.

Feeding program, orphanage, feeding programs, schools are all parts of the ways CANI partners with Nyabioto Lighthouse of Hope Keyna. Nyamira County is a county that shares common boundaries with what was known as Nyamira District. College is currently run to train local practitioners to take aid and a message of hope to smaller towns and villages.

The main cash crops grown in the region are bananas and tea. People work hard but life is hard. We can help!

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Brother Waseem is a hard worker helping to improve the education of the children in his school. God bless you Waseem.

George, Winnipeg, MB