Lighthouse of Hope Pakistan Church 
Pastor Naveed
Faisalabad, Pakistan


Social Justice Demands Action

Traveling ministers with Lighthouse of Hope Pakistan, Pastor Naveed and his wife Pastor Rizwana Naveed spread the gospel of Hope through sermons, Sunday school teachings, and a feeding program they oversee.

Preaching and giving in as many as five different locations in one day and working in three villages in Faisalabad Pakistan, this power couple is making a huge difference, impacting many lives. Serving out of rented spaces, they run seven Sunday schools, support twenty widows and five disabled children in their communities, and continually travel between their flocks in different villages.

Among many ways they serve their flock, the feeding program has an incredible impact, providing meals to a staggering three hundred orphans every week! Far from slowing down, they pray that their ministry and the feeding program will continue to grow and be able to support even more of those in need.

Pastor Naveed and Pastor Rizwana need support to continue this tireless labor of love for the people of Pakistan. You can contribute to their ministry and help them feed the hungry by clicking HERE.

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NaveedWe met Naveed online several years ago.  His passion for his ministries is contagious. He never stops ministering.



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Brother Waseem is a hard worker helping to improve the education of the children in his school. God bless you Waseem.

George, Winnipeg, MB