Pastor Kenny preaching in the marketplace

Kenny Preaching in the Market

East Africa Community Church
Pastor Kenny Junior
Sengera, Kissi, Kenya

Yes We Will!

Pastor Kenny welcomes you to East Africa Community Church in Sengera, Kenya. Founded by his father, Kennedy Sr, the church is full of life and God’s love. Pastor Kenny and Associate Pastor John are firebrands, never hesitating to pull out a speaker and microphone in a crowded market to speak the Lord’s message.

During trips to the nearby city of Kisii Town, Pastor Kenny is moved by the plight of the city’s orphaned and abandoned street children. When he and Pastor John began taking trips into the city they noticed a common scene playing out over and over again.

Imagine a small, hungry, wide-eyed child approaching strangers in the street to ask, “Will you take me home?

The child waits for the customary answer.

No, I’m sorry, I cannot, everyone tells them.

Next, they will leverage any guilt or compassion they have stirred with the punchline, “Then please, could you buy me a little food?African Child

Pastors Kenny and John are breaking this pattern and breaking these children out of desperation. Now, on the streets of Kisii Town, whenever a child approaches them and asks, “Will you take me home?” they hear an answer they have never heard before.

Yes! We will!

Some are startled or confused and run away, but those who stay receive food, prayers, and an offer of love and provision in a new home. Pastor Kenny shelters them in his own house, alongside his wife Mercyline and their own children.

The church is thriving because of Pastor Kenny’s vision for his community. He preaches up a storm in church every Sunday, and during the week he’s doing so much more!

To support Pastor Kenny’s unique home for abandoned children and his incredible work in Sengera and Kisii Town, please click DONATE below.

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Widows & Orphans Ministry

Donors asked for a way to send funds to support Pastor Kenny's ministry to Widows & Orphans. Pastors Kenny and John have a strong desire to help with these people directly. So we have created a special payment link for donations to the Widows & Orphans Ministry. Click the DONATE button to send support to this ministry.

Widows & Orphans Ministry

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Ministry to Seniors

Pastor Kenny's father is still involved in the activities of the church but he has started a unique ministry to the seniors in the community. We love that this man, even in retirement, is willing to lead a ministry to his peers. Click the DONATE button to send support to this ministry to seniors. 

Seniors Ministry - Pastor Kenny Sr.
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CANI is pleased to work with locals at Kisii (also known as Getembe or Bosongo). Kisii is a municipality and urban centre in south-western Kenya and the capital of the Kisii County.

People in this region require help.  The number of orphaned children is alarming, working with second generation Pastor Kenny, with care and education for children, AIDS care, food and water for surrounding areas.  Kisii Town serves as major urban and commercial centre in the Gusii Highlands—Kisii and Nyamira counties—while the Kisii municipality sits right at the centre of the western Kenya.  People with the desire are supported by opening businesses and offering entrepreneurial assistance in addition to humanitarian aid.

From Pastor Kenny, "As a church, we focus on two major projects. These are based on what the Book of James calls “pure and faultless religion”. [JA 1:27- “to look after orphans and widows in their distress…”] One is what we call the HIV AIDS Project. In this project, we support in building house and feeding and blessing widowed, infected women (and their children) and help them with medical and sustainability needs The second project is the establishment of an Orphanage for those kids and many others that they wish to bless and help put them in school. This Vision came to me while I was with my wife Mercyline. We really prayed on how we can start and help the community, the displaced kids, street kids, kids without parents and HIV positive group, we did not have anything that time but I was a taxi driver, we decided to start with a few kids and supporting HIV/AIDS group with what I was earning from my taxi driving until we managed to meet Pastor Dylan and the CANI group who joined us to support the orphans and HIV/AIDS group until now."

CANI initially only supported Pastor Kenny's work through prayer, but over the years as donors came along we were able to provide support in the growth of his church as well as the community work. The overflow canopy seen in a photo below was an initiative of CANI.

A recent missions trip to Kenya (March 2023) we had the unique opportunity to see Pastor Kenny and his various ministries. A special report on that missions trip is HERE.

PastorKennyJuniorPastor Kenny Junior

Godfrey Kennedy Magara, known to everyone as Pastor Kenny Junior, was born a son of a pastor and a Christian family. He did his college education in Tanzania as an evangelist. East Africa Community Church was founded over 15 years ago in the community of Kisii in Kenya. His church is fully registered with the government.

Pastor Kenny has a heart for ministry and evangelism. Things he was taught as he grew up and followed in his father's footsteps. His enthusiam is contagious, with many people working in the ministry with him.

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East Africa Community Church Sunday serviceChurchService
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Many volunteers work with Pastor KennyKennytwomen
Many volunteers work with Pastor KennyKennyWoman

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