Excerpt from the Constitution of Compassionate Aid Network International (CANI)

  • To advance education development by assisting other organizations that are operating and maintaining a school or orphanage to impoverished students via sustainable infrastructure development and paying student school fees; 
  • To help alleviate hunger by providing funds to organizations to buy food for impoverished students, orphans, widows, and communities around the world;
  • To improve public health in developing nations by providing funds to supply communities and organizations in need with safe drinking water via infrastructure development or providing funds to purchase bottled water; by distributing eye glasses to visually impaired individuals or providing assistance to established groups who do this type of work already;
  • To promote public health in developing nations by organizing seminars on sanitation, hygiene, food safety, communicable diseases (including HIV/AIDS) and similar topics in order to prevent or diminish the incidence of diseases, infections and other health conditions;
  • To advance religion by organizing leadership classes, by training and supplying Christian workers and pastors in developing nations with bibles (in their native languages) and funds to enable them to travel to Evangelize outside of Canada, in accordance with the tenets, doctrines and observances associated with the Christian faith;

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Brother Waseem is a hard worker helping to improve the education of the children in his school. God bless you Waseem.

George, Winnipeg, MB