Updated July 2023

It all started back in 2013 when we started a ministry of Lighthouse of Hope Christian Fellowship, a non-denominational church located, at that time, in Burnaby, British Columbia (now in New Westminster, BC). We called that ministry World Compassion Ministries, the origins of what today is called Compassionate Aid Network International.

What got us started is that we received an email from a young man in Sengera, Kenya. He and his wife, Jared & Kerubo Makindiba have a small church, school and orphanage that he was trying to operate with no funding or outside help. Our church saw a need, and a few months later our first missions team went to Sengera for a two-month missions trip. 

The need was great, and the church and school were in desperate need of support.

First we received donations to rebuild the school, today it is known as Hope Christian Academy. We built in the first year a few classrooms, some were just a roof and mud walls, and later we build cement block walls with doors and windows. 168 children attend the school.

In 2015 Compasssionate Aid Network International was formed as a non-profit society and in 2016 was registered with the Canadian government as a registered charity, providing much need services to the church and school in Sengera. 

Early in 2018 Compassionate Aid Network International took over the management of several other ministries that the church had founded and today we now provide services to Christian work in communities in:

  • Nepal
  • Pakistan - 3 missions
  • Kenya - 3 missions
  • Uganda - 2 missions

Compassionate Aid Network International sent a missions team in March 2023 to the work in Kenya. We were excited to see our missionaries -- seeing first-hand what the need is there and to meet the pastor and the other workers there. 

The work of Compassionate Aid Network International is funded totally through donations from supporters just like you. We do not have any paid staff, we operate totally through volunteers.

Most of the administrative expenses are primarily associated with the costs of transferring funds from Canada to Sengera. We try to be sure that as close to 100% of what we receive from donors go directly to the missions. We only use a tiny bit of donations to pay for expenses (administration expenses are typically under 5% of donations, and most administration expenses are directly given by donors for that purpose). 

The missionaries who travel on behalf of Compassionate Aide Network International travel with their own funds for all of their personal expenses (including flights, transportation, insurance and spending money).

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I've been giving for several years to Pastor Kenny's church, specifically to the childrens' program he operates. I am so glad that I can do even a small part to make a child's life better.

Martha, Toronto, ON

East Africa Community Church - Kenya - Pastor Kenny Junior