Great Ambassdors' School in Uganda
Pastors Ben and Lydia
Kampala, Uganda

Give Children a Chance!

Serving the children of Uganda, Pastors Ben and Lydia are providing academic education, meals, and sanctuary at Great Ambassadors.

Coming from low-income homes and the growing numbers of refugee families, these children, especially the young girls, would be trapped in poverty without education. Comparative schooling for a child in Uganda costs between $250 and $ 1000 USD upfront, an impossible amount for the families of the 102 children currently attending Great Ambassadors’ school!

They need our support as they grow this ministry, spreading the Word and love of Jesus to the families they serve! Growing quickly, the school and church are currently in debt and renting space, with resources draining very quickly, but hope to purchase permanent land upon which to build and a school vehicle to bring more children to school soon! To help this dream and their ministry in Uganda click HERE.


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I've been giving for several years to Pastor Kenny's church, specifically to the childrens' program he operates. I am so glad that I can do even a small part to make a child's life better.

Martha, Toronto, ON

East Africa Community Church - Kenya - Pastor Kenny Junior