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Pastor Waseem Saleem is passionate about providing opportunities and hope for the future for everyone. Lifted by his wife Abshar Anmol and daughter Samantha, he leads the Lighthouse of Hope Pakistan Church, the associated LHOH School, and supports and educates other pastors and church leaders.

The Lighthouse of Hope School has one hundred and twenty-five young students enrolled. Forty of those students are orphans, who rely on the school for education and food. The school relies on donations for everything from administration fees and teacher wages to food for the students. Unfortunately, they cannot maintain an orphanage here without more funding.

In addition to educating children, Pastor Waseem runs seminars and courses for local pastors, preachers, ministers, and leaders of the church in Pakistan.

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Sharaz in LHOHCFWaseem and his wife Abshar, and his daughter Samantha live in Pakistan. This young man doesn't stop the whole day from the moment he wakes up until he drops into bed at night. He's often on the road with his motorcycle going from church to church. The school is his most important ministry and this is where his heart is always. 



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I've been giving for several years to Pastor Kenny's church, specifically to the childrens' program he operates. I am so glad that I can do even a small part to make a child's life better.

Martha, Toronto, ON

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